Thursday, April 9, 2015


I decided to tell you about a small book today who should be in the hands of all the procrastinators. This little manifesto philosopher John Perry is indeed a very compelling case, so déculpabilisant on what he calls the procastination structured. One could almost subtitle the art of false glandouille. I say without shame, I am a procrastinator. This is also the product of this trait. That's a long time I wanted to write since last summer actually, since I finished the book at the end of the summer. And now that I write it, I know it would be more reasonable to work on something else because I have training, courses and conferences looming in a few days. The logic would be that I'd rather work on these important and urgent matters. But, as the author says in the opening lines of his book, I write this not to have to work on the rest.

I am so typically what John Perry calls a "procrastinator incurable but structured, able to shoot down a tremendous amount of work. "If procrastinate procrastinating is what we should do today, Structured Procrastination is the art of profit.


The purpose of the philosopher is also not remove procrastination, let alone reduce the tasks we have to do only those of interest. Its purpose is rather to adapt to this behavior, handling, bad faith and automanipulation. For him, we are not rational people who take things one after the other: first choosing what we will work and then go get it put on. Rather than working on what strikes us, what excites us and it often comes from perception.

The procrastinator thus engaged in tasks that allow it to evade an important and urgent task. Also, for John Perry "in order to be motivated to fulfill a difficult task, urgent and important, it is necessary that it allows him to avoid another more important task again. "We could then summarize the method by saying that everything must be done really should not be at the top of its list of tasks.

More accurately, you should place the top of the list is something even more important and urgent, that you do not immediately but you will end up making can be one day when something more important and urgent has taken its place top of the list. The top of your priority list and face a task that seems highly significant but, in fact, is not that much but motivates you to do anything a priori less important and grunt.

If this all seems very silly you, do not be surprised. The philosopher has received the 2011 Ig Nobel Prize in Literature, Nobel humorous to unusual discoveries for her book. Tracks in it nevertheless believed that many inventions, starting with the wheel, were found by people supposed to do something else or looking how to escape a painful task that was assigned.

The purpose is fun at first, but if you're procrastinator you may well recognize you in this book. Can then be will not find the method to procrastinate less, but at least you will find arguments to justify your feeling guilty and sometimes surprising way of working.


You may also be'll also recognize you when it gives the benefits of having an office in shambles because the ideas are born of disorder. Excuse that I gave to my mom when I did not clean my room. Because in addition to being procrastinator it also explains that it is a horizontal organizer and need everything to be spread out on his desk rather than treat stored in a battery or cabinets. A document stored in a folder are lost forever, an email stored in an "Urgent" folder too! You recognize?

Finally, a word about what made me smile the most, his list of daily management tasks. It is a fact, the procrastinator needs scratching things done to try a delicious sense of satisfaction. The procrastinator is often discouraged by too big tasks. Most management methods therefore make you cut them into small pieces and measure your progress. He proposed to establish a logical list of things to delight the bar. The content of the list is more fun:

Turn off the alarm clock,
Do not activate the alarm reminder
Get up,
Do not lie down,
Go down the stairs,
Make coffee ..
So if you are on his list, from your morning coffee you have the bonus of having done no less than 7 tasks in your list even before you actually started anything. A sacred gratification that makes you feel like a lot and motivates you for the future. His list is up to 13 in fact, with such items as not to turn around the computer, or turn Word. Other tasks are not to not look like Wikipedia ... This is what the author calls "a strategy of automanipulation" to make it productive.

You'll understand if you are procrastinator I encourage you to take a look at this book that can not be help you to be less, but you will see things from a different perspective with humor.